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Our company is positioned for the future with an excellent product and geographical presence that matches global market opportunities. We have an innovative culture comprise of a diverse group of talented people who produce, develop, manufacture and market Jojoba Oil and Derivatives to supply the Personal Care Industry.

Over the years this has helped us to maintain a focus on our major objectives – to improve the customer dialogue, optimize our technology and increase the return on investment in our projects. We believe that our products and our way of doing business are the best possible guarantees we can give customers for a powerful future.

Our farming technology, the nature of our land, a careful seed selection process free from genetic manipulation, as well as our careful processing techniques render a top quality, absolutely natural final product that fully complies the requirements of modern personal care products.

In 2016 Laboratorio ELEA S.A.C.I.F. y A., leading in the pharmaceutical market in Argentina, acquired the shares of ECO OIL ARGENTINA,.

Through these years the value and virtues of jojoba oil have gained consumer recognition worldwide.

The global market has kept its pace increasing demand for the last years at a great annual rate of growth. New products with Jojoba Oil and different derivatives are permanently introduced into the market.

In response to market demand, the cosmetic industry is searching for renewable, plant sourced lipid alternatives to mineral oils, petrolatum and paraffin waxes. Jojoba has been identified as a natural material that meets these criteria and satisfies consumer demand.

Eco Oil Argentina gives proof of quality assurance, supply reliability, customer service and research for new applications.

As we grow in Supply Leadership, so grows our commitment, responsibility and challenges to achieve a higher understanding and appreciation of the industry towards this unique ingredient.

Guaranteed Supply

Leading-edge irrigation and harvesting techniques, coupled with state-of-the art production processes, allow the Company to produce jojoba oil in line with the most stringent international quality standards.

Research & Development

The Company’s success and its future leadership are based on ongoing technological updating and R&D programs that are in line with the dynamics of the global personal care market.

Our commitment to Animal Alternatives

We at Eco Oil Argentina are proud of our leadership in the development and adoption of alternatives to animal testing. Animal welfare is important to Eco Oil Argentina.

We are proud of working non-animal test method