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Golden Deodorized Jojoba Oil

Derived from our Golden Natural Jojoba Oil, GOLDEN DEODORIZED JOJOBA OIL is suitable for fine cosmetic formulations with delicate scent requirements.

Deodorization is obtained under an effective vacuum at certain “retention” times and temperatures that do not modify the liquid wax esters, thus the physical and chemical properties of GOLDEN DEODORIZED JOJOBA OIL are very similar to our GOLDEN Jojoba Oil with the exemption of the characteristic odor of jojoba, which is removed.


Botanical Name: Simmondsia Chinensis, Link.
Familiae: Buxaceae.
Part of the plant employed: Clean Dry Seeds.


Must be kept in closed containers under room temperature avoiding freezing until use. Once opened, do not store in partially filled containers. Do not store in heat or direct sunlight. Packaging: 180 Kg net steel drums.